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Fix bed reactor


I am looking to manufacture a chemical product in fix bed reactor.

Can you suggest a plant having such facility and willing to do contract manufacturing.

Hello Nitin,

Good Morning,

Thanks for letting us know that you are seeking for a facility. It would be a great pleasure if provide more details about your requirement in detail. so that we will find out the right facility for you. we required following details.

1. Product details:- Product that you are looking to outsource. It is difficult for us to approach facility provider without insufficient product details. if you give us the basic idea of the product that, would be enough for us at the primary stage.

2. Technical details:- Machinery size, Plant size, as you mentioned fix bed reactor (size of the bed reactor you required), any other technical specification if any.

3. Contract period.

4. preferred location:  as you know, the cost of the transportation adds in the cost of the product. kindly let us know the preferred location of the facility so that we can find the facility near to location that would minimize the cost as well as time.

5.Terms and Conditions raw material procurement. 

Kindly help us with these details, we will find you the right facility for you in short time. as these details helps us to approach the manufacturer or sometimes these things enquired by the facility provider.

Product: Benzonitrile

Plant production capacity: Anything from: 300 to 2000 Tons per year

Preferred Location: West India, North India, Central India (In order of preference)

Raw Material:  Will be supplied by us (Toluene & Ammonia)

Let me know if any other detail is needed.

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